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Mulberry Park Arts & Culture


Generating ideas and recommendations for the design of arts, culture and leisure provision at Mulberry Park on behalf of Curo, the largest social landlord in B&NES


Following the decision to embark upon the largest regeneration scheme in the country led by a housing association, comprising 700 new, and 500 redeveloped, homes, we led and chaired a series of discussions, workshops and meetings with local residents, artists and potential funders, to explore and generate ideas and recommendations for arts, culture and leisure provision for this scheme.


  • created a series of opportunities to bring together local residents and other key stakeholders to take ownership of a new and exciting arts, culture and leisure space.

  • delivered a report with recommendations for achieving wide, diverse and high impact involvement in arts and cultural activity.

  • contributed to the creation of innovative ideas to enhance this new destination south of the city centre.

Status: Complete

Bringing arts, culture and leisure to a new part of the city

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