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St. John's Foundation

St John’s Foundation, established in 1147, is a local charity that has supported the people of Bath and the surrounding area for over 847 years. Their work is built upon a core set of values of trust, kindness and courage, which underpin their purpose: To change lives. For good.


The Foundation's founding principle of supporting older adults to live independently still stands today but over the many years of the Foundation's work, they have increasingly worked hard to build partnerships and focus on creating communities within which children can grow into happy, healthy and educated members of society.

Funded by the successful development of a strong property and investment portfolio, the Foundation's financial independence enables them to fulfil the role of neutral partner, be strong advocates for the organisations they support and continually adapt and respond to the changing needs of the local community.

The Foundation has four key areas of activity:

  •  The Foundation Fund - tackling inequality in BaNES to significantly reduce the educational attainment gap (Key Stage 2) in BaNES by 2030.

  • Crisis Fund - providing vital financial support to individuals and families in BaNES, who are struggling financially.

  • Independent Living - providing contemporary almshouse accommodation and in-house personalised care for older adults in Bath city centre and Combe Park, supporting residents to be independent.

  • Over 55s Activities Programme - expanding their care beyond the almshouse community, this programme offers a varied timetable of weekly activities designed to improve mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Working in partnership with St. John's Foundation, we are currently exploring opportunities to tackle digital inclusion , specifically for children under 12, as part of the ongoing work to tackle inequality and reduce the educational attainment gap

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