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About us

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) with a current Board of seven Directors. As Bath residents, having lived and worked in this extraordinary city for many years, we bring together a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience contributing to our shared purpose in supporting and maintaining Bath's aspirational identity, and as a place with a dynamic, beautifully inventive future. We aim to do this by:

  • connecting people and organisations across the city

  • convening meetings and facilitating conversations with like-minded people

  • encouraging and promoting new and creative initiatives

  • accelerating the city's potential by investing in, and developing, its future leaders

Established in 2012 from the City Identity Project, involving a large group of Bath citizens, we have since then evolved into the CIC we are now.  During this time, we have supported and initiated relevant physical, economic and social projects, including a leadership development programme - the Bath Future Talent Programme - for the city's young, rising stars. The Programme has been running successfully for four years and now comprises an Alumni Network.


The city of Bath is internationally recognised as a masterpiece of human creative genius, a spa city with a long tradition of radical reinvention and discovery. Our city of today was shaped by the extraordinary imagination and entrepreneurialism of our ancestors, who created a city so innovative and beautiful that UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site of outstanding universal value. Our membership and extensive network of local, national and international contacts bring world class expertise and advocacy to our activities, and we are proud to be working together with many other local partner organisations to support this wonderful city within which we live, work and play.

Find out about our current Board of Directors.

What we do

Our city is the perfect place to join an unusually high concentration of enterprising minds, unlock investment capital and share social ambition. It offers a new model of a compact, connected, collaborative city, where curiosity, playfulness, making and the fostering of talent, knowledge and skill across all ages, backgrounds and sectors will encourage individuals and enterprises to flourish for the long term. We seek opportunities to continue supporting these powerful attributes by: 

  • leading projects which contribute to the city's aspirations, and help support areas of greatest need

  • partnering with other organisations to bring together collective strengths and resources for the common good

  • promoting activities and initiatives that contribute to the city's aspirational identity


Bath will be internationally renowned as a beautifully inventive and entrepreneurial 21st century city with a strong social purpose and a spirit of wellbeing, where everyone is invited to think big – a city ready to create an extraordinary legacy for future generations.

Find out about our past and present activities.

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