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Bath Digital Festival

Often unseen by the naked eyes of Bath's residents and visitors, the city is home to a highly dynamic, creative and innovative digital technology sector. Hidden behind the stunning Georgian fronts, tucked away down cobbled side streets, and even located way below the historic pavements, are many world and sector-leading digital technology organisations. Recognising the importance of the digital agenda, now underpinning all aspects of today's society, the city benefits from the work and activities of the Bath Digital Festival - a charity established with an overall purpose to:


  • Advance the education of the public in Bath and the South West region by delivering a series of events that provide access to digital and technology for the whole community regardless of age, infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances. 


And aims to:

  • Champion digital and technology in the local community

  • Promote and advance the technical sector in the region

  • Provide a platform to share, educate and create excitement around talent, opportunities and success stories in the local area.

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