Projects We Lead

We aim to identify and lead key projects where we can add value, create opportunity, bring about connections and a sense of greater wellbeing to the people and organisations of Bath. To date, we have taken a lead role in the following areas:

  • culture and creativity

  • leadership development

  • arts, culture and leisure provision

About Bath Bridge

We are a community interest company focused on supporting Bath to continually declare and maintain its aspirational identity, and fulfil its potential as a beautifully inventive city.

We do this by:

  • connecting people and organisations across the city

  • convening meetings and facilitating conversations with like-minded people

  • encouraging and promoting new and creative initiatives

  • accelerating the city's potential by investing in, and developing, its future leaders

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The Bath Bridge CIC is a private community interest company, limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales. Company number 08881959

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