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Who we are

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Stephen Taylor


Stephen Taylor worked for thirty years with large public and private sector organisations to create high performance cultures. He is a trustee of Bath Festivals and of Dorothy House.  Stephen says:


"We can all see the natural assets of our great city. Less visible is its extraordinary human talent. I believe we can mobilise that to make Bath an example to the world of wellbeing for all in the 21st century."

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Steve Fuller


Steve Fuller brought his family and business to Bath over 25 years ago and has seen both flourish here. Steve is Creative Head at The House, a Leadership and Brand consultancy that builds business on purpose. He is also Co-chair of Bristol & Bath B Local, promoting B Corporation businesses in the region. Steve says:

“I believe that the city is the best place in the UK to live, work and play. Bath hosts a number of organisations that reinforce the concept that business can make a positive impact on the local economy, social wellbeing and the place we live in.”

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Sarah Williment


Sarah Williment has 30 years experience in adult and higher education, having fulfilled leadership and management roles in educational policy, learning technology, marketing and communications, skills and workforce development. She is also Programme Director for the Bath Future Talent Programme. Sarah says:

"Having lived in Bath for 10 years, I continue to be amazed at the dynamism, creativity and innovation of the people and organisations, often unseen behind the Georgian building fronts. As a small, but dynamic powerhouse, we have every opportunity to continue investing in our people, building our profile and showing the world, Bath is the place to be."

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Robin Kerr


Robin Kerr is an Engineer and Naval Officer. He served for 32 years in a wide variety of posts: at sea, in research & development and in Royal Dockyards. On retirement he joined Lockheed Martin where he was NW Europe Naval representative for eight  and a half years. On retiring for the second time, he immersed himself in residents’ affairs in Bath, chairing the Lansdown Crescent Association (LCA) for seven years, and the Federation of Bath Residents’ Associations for six (preceded by five years as its Secretary). He remains a Trustee of the LCA, and has lived in the same house for 51 years. Robin says:

“Bath’s most intractable problems revolve around Transport and Housing. Both are resolvable but not without vision and some anguish.”   

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Philip Raby


Philip Raby has lived and worked in Bath since 1977. For eight years he worked for Harvest and then ran On the Video Front for 26 years. He is Creative Director for the Bath Film Festival. Philip says:


"I love Bath because it’s a beautiful place, and because my friends live here. I want Bath to begin to realise its full potential, and believe that Bath Bridge is a great way of helping to achieve that goal."

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Adam Powell


Adam Powell moved to Bath in 2003, and has held senior roles within higher education, local government and the creative industries with a focus on skills, employability and local growth. As a consultant, he continues to support talent, skills and business development programmes across the West of England and Wales and is Acting Chair of Bath Philharmonia. Adam says:

"Bath has the potential to be a world-leading '15-minute city' in which to live, learn, work and stay. Brimming with creative, cultural and technological talent, Bath has the opportunity to ensure that its residents and visitors, its communities and businesses, its environment and economy all thrive equally with inclusion, creativity and wellbeing at is core."

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Van DuBose


Van DuBose grew up on an American farm, following which he chose to spend his working life in London enjoying a career in finance. Resident in Bath since 2003, he has invested time in helping the city with economic development, transport strategy and city governance. Van has served on the Bath City Forum and the Bath Transport Commission, and led the formation of the Bath Alliance for Transport and Public Realm. He also serves on the Advisory Board of the Institute for Policy Research at University of Bath.  Van says:

“Among Europe’s smaller iconic cities Bath has unequalled legacy advantages: stunning natural setting, compact urban footprint, architectural heritage and a tradition of creative renewal. With this comes a duty to be very ambitious - in cultural and economic vibrancy and in civic cohesion. Bath Bridge can be a powerful catalyst to help an ambitious Bath to reach its potential as the leading small iconic city.”

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Fiona Dawson


Fiona Dawson has lived in Bath all her adult life after falling in love with the city as a student. She is passionate about real-world technology and is one of the Directors of the Bath-based international healthcare IT company, Mayden. Fiona attended the Bath Bridge Future Talent programme in 2017 and has never looked back. She is also a curator of the One Healthtech Bristol Hub, promoting diversity and inclusion in the vibrant healthtech community in the local area. 

Many people come to this city and find out what we already know: Bath is one of the best places to live and work in the world. There is so much talent, creativity and innovation but too often its full potential isn’t realised and people look outside of the city, missing what is already here. Bath has already made its mark in history, and I believe that through technology it can make its mark on the future too.”

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