We're here to discover, nurture, promote and help grow the radical, creative and inventive people and projects that exist in our beautiful city.

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Bath Bridge

Bath Bridge is an independent city-wide advisory group concerned with positioning Bath as a place with a dynamic, beautifully inventive future. It was developed in 2012 from the City Identity Project which involved a large group of Bath citizens. It has now grown into a Community Interest Company with a board of 16 Directors from a wide range of backgrounds.


The purpose of Bath Bridge is to help bring the ‘beautifully inventive’ identity of Bath to life by supporting and initiating relevant physical, economic and social projects. Bath Bridge’s membership and wide network of local, national and international contacts bring world class expertise and advocacy to its activities.

Our Vision

The City of Bath is internationally recognised as a masterpiece of human creative genius, a spa city with a long tradition of radical reinvention and discovery. The Bath of today was shaped by the extraordinary imagination and entrepreneurialism of our ancestors who created a city so innovative and beautiful that UNESCO designated it a World Heritage Site of outstanding universal value.

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