Current projects

Our current projects meet our objectives to

  • Influence thinking about the city’s future, in the areas of recreation, assembly, enterprise and learning
  • Demonstrate what beautifully inventive looks like through carefully selected projects
  • Mobilise others to get involved in Bath’s beautifully inventive future
  • Illuminate the story of Bath’s beautiful inventiveness

Project selection criteria

The selection criteria we use in choosing projects are

  • The degree to which the projects fulfil one or more objectives so that all the objectives are covered
  • The effectiveness of the project in terms of impact for resources expended
  • Fit – whether the Bridge is the best organisation to undertake the work
  • Rarity – how often a similar opportunity is likely to present itself to the Bridge
  • The mitigation of risk

Bath Bridge involvement

There are different levels of involvement for the Bath Bridge, ranging from observe to support to steer and, for projects which would not happen without Bridge initiation, to lead.

Please click the images below to read more about the Bridge’s current projects.